Friday, January 25, 2019

Today was Caden's last day at Rainbow Learning Nest Preschool. He has just been there 2 short months for half days while his former preschool worked out some registration issues with the government causing them to be temporarily closed. Caden took quite a while to get adjusted to the new school and new friends, but the past 2 weeks he has seemed much happier. Go figure. . . it's time to leave. When he was leaving today, his friend Amy said, "See you on Monday Caden!" Caden replied, "See you never!" Um, that's kind of rude Son. . . Where did he get that?

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

While eating at a restaurant today, Caden's behavior was far from acceptable. I told him he was "in the negatives." He narrowed his eyes and thought for a minute before replying, "What's a Tenagive?" I just laughed. Later, he was playing too rough and I reminded him to calm down. He said, "I know I'm a negative." Again, I burst out laughing.
David is losing his voice and I asked Caden if he knew Daddy wasn't feeling well. He said, "Yeah, Daddy's talking is fading."

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Growing up in an environment of minimal English, we do a lot of reading aloud and I LOVE to hear my 5 year old use "big" words that I have no idea where he heard them. For example: Me: "Caden, I don't know where your cup is. Did you take it outside?" Caden: "DEFINITELY not." Daddy wrestling with Caden, but Caden wriggled free. Caden said, "Ha! I sure did get out of THAT PREDICAMENT!"
Daddy and the kids brought me breakfast in bed today! He asked them to tell me one thing they were thankful for and Caden said, "I'm thankful that you 'laid me out' when I was in your belly."

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Caden was digging in his ear. I asked him if his ear was dirty, and he said, "No. My ear has a boooooger (BU-GER)." Seriously love this kid.